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The Clos du Boux

The Clos du Boux, mansion built in 1649 by bernese nobelmen, overlooks Epesses; a landmark in the region. The adjoining vineyard, one of the flagships of the family, is the only clos Grand Cru in Epesses.

The residence, classified historical monument, overlooks the vineyard, like a watchtower at the entrance of Epesses.

The cellar building, along the road in the village, built in the rock, is an imposing site entering the village. The cellar and its outdoor terrace or its tasting room is the perfect location to welcome the enthusiasts who are interessted in tasting our wines, visiting our cellar and sharing a moment with us.

The family

It all began with Albert, the ancestor, the visionary who at the end of the XIXth century planted the first vines and selected the best plots. He used to work with pride, honesty and thoroughness, which led to the reputation of our wines.

Jean-François, the gentleman and precursor, pursued and developed the elegance born from a well done work. He did everything to improve the quality, decided to sell the wine per bottle instead of a bulk product, which was normal back then.

Luc & Margaret, pushed forward the history of the wine family, respecting the terroirs and the quality of the wines.

Gregory & Benjamin, fourth generation, are in charge of carrying on the family dynasty further in time. The two brothers both travelled and learnt the wine business outside of Switzerland in order to bring back the best practise and ideas for the future.

Our philosophy

We are proud to present our wines, the result of our passion for our winery, region and traditions we wish to carry on and develop in the future. We are the custodians of an heritage that goes back to the XIIth century; thanks to the monks that shaped the vineyards of Lavaux. Our goal is not only to preserve our region but to make live, let it evolve, improve it more and of course to share it.

Our wines are like messengers; they ressemble us: true, precise, passionate with their own character. They accompany and glorify dishes, in good company of guests, that they will bring together. They will remain as positive experience and great memories - that is what we strive, that is our reward.


Luc Massy

Route de la Corniche 11 - 1098 Epesses (Vaud)
Tél : +41 21 799 21 47

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